Sapphire for LEDsSapphire for LEDs Sapphire ingots are mainly used for high brightness LED substrates (2-6 inches). LED applications: lamps of all types, backlit TVs, laptops, mobile phones, outdoor advertising and etc. LED is the key sapphire application in our days. LED substrates are the most effective sapphire application in comparison of cost and quality.

Sapphire for microelectronicsSapphire for microelectronics Sapphire substrates are the largest sapphire application. Sapphire substrates are used for semiconductor film epitaxy (GaN, Si, AlGaN and others) and for producing of integrated circuits. The sapphire substrates advantages are inertness, mechanical load and high temperature operation ability, large diameter. Therefore sapphire substrates are used even when lattice parameters don’t coincide with the heteroepitaxial structure parameters.

Sapphires for opticsSapphires for optics Sapphire is widely used for optic and optoelectronic devices such as: observation windows (with dimensions from several millimeters to several hundred millimeters) used on land, underwater and in space; lenses and prisms; all temperature LEDs; focusing cones; high-temperature protective covers for thermocouples; special lamp shells; navigation device protective caps and many others.

Sapphires for medical equipmentSapphires for medical equipment Sapphire applications in medicine: implants, surgery and medical devices. Sapphire can be implanted into the body tissues because it doesn’t react with organic acids and tissues, sapphire surpass all construction materials in inertness and biocompatibility.

Sapphires for watchesSapphires for watches Synthetic sapphire is used for watch jewels manufacturing (axial and friction bearings). It is an affordable, stable quality, solid and durable material for friction units. Watch glasses made of light-colored and wait sapphire are used by all known watch manufacturers. The matter is not just in fashion, there are no scratches on the sapphire glasses.



1. 设备


Diameter/mass of crystal (mm/kg) 200/32 250/54 300/65 300/85
Maximum possible total power consumption (kVA) 70 75 78 80
Real power consumption during the technological process (kVA) 38.5 45 45.6 47.7
Supply mains (V, AC) 380/480, 3 phase (depends customer’s requirement)
Heating method resistive (tungsten heater)
Heater’s supply voltage (V) 12 AC/DC, 24 AC/DC (depends modification)
Control system PLC (programmable controller)

Provides automation overall crystal growing process, except seeding

Growing process supervision
  • on the control panel, near the furnace
  • from the dispatcher’s PC in the control room
  • online via internet
Controlled parameters in the crystal growing program
  • heater voltage, current & power
  • growing crystal mass & weight increment in time
  • temperature of cooling water, chamber’s heat-sink value
  • crystal pulling & traverse speed
  • vacuum level in the growing chamber
Cooling system Circulating water in closed system, under the automation control of software
Dimensions (WxLxH, mm) 2200x2000x2300

直流电源加热器的宝石生长装置 ''TS''(IGBT)

交流电源加热器的宝石生长装置 ''TS''



1. 研发和生产控制系统,晶体培养设备的软件,以及订货方工艺需求的软件系统。

2. 软件的技术支持和更新。

2. 硬件设施


1. 各类材料的结构受热部件,这些部件应有较长的寿命,应高效节能,维护费用应比较低廉。

2. 订货方图纸中指定的易磨损部件和受热部件。

3. 订货方图纸中指定的由各类材料构成的结构中的受热部件。

b) 晶体加工的硬件设施

1. 研发和生产各各类硬件设备,例如,切割设备,钻孔设备,抛光设备,光学检测设备。